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11th Apr 2022

Ed Sheeran enjoys night out with random dads during surprise pub visits

Danny Jones

Ed Sheeran at the pub

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A group of dads watching the Birmingham City game over the weekend were surprised when they casually bumped into Ed Sheeran at the pub. As you do.

The Blues were playing third-placed Nottingham Forest at the 3pm kick-off on Saturday when Sheeran popped into The Roost pub in St Andrew’s, Small Heath, along with his friend and fellow musician, Jaykae.

Apart from the ground, there’s no better place to be watching, really.

As evident in the pictures, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter and producer can be seen enjoying a pint and some crisps while watching the Midlands derby with a group of fans. Sheeran himself is an Ipswich fan but as we all know, it’s about the love of the game.

In a second video which has now gone viral on Twitter, Sheeran can be seen dancing the night away with a group of local dads. They look in pretty good spirits considering the 2-0 defeat – fair play to you, folks.

As seen in BirminghamLive, the mega-musician even played some pool and got behind the bar to pull a few pints of Carling for his fellow punters – although the pub’s owner did admit, “He can’t pull a pint though, I can tell you that!”

Fresh from victory in his high-profile copyright infringement case, where his 2017 smash-hit “Shape of You” was found not to have been copied from another similar-sounding track from 2015, it would seem the pop icon was more than keen to get back to the simple things in life: watching the footy and enjoying a few jars with good people.

You absolutely love to see it.

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