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22nd Oct 2016

Poundland is selling stuff for more than £1 but it’s not actually down to Brexit

Brexit schmexit...

Ben Kenyon

People are starting to get a bit panicky in Brexit Britain.

Many British folk haven’t batted an eyelid in the face of overwhelming doom-mongering in the media, stark warnings from leading economists and even a plummeting pound.

But it was only when it looked like Tesco would stop selling Marmite because of potential price hikes off the back of the weak pound that people started taking notice.

Shit then started getting a bit more real when it transpired that alcohol prices on imported booze were beginning to shoot up because of Britain’s woefully devalued currency.

So you can’t blame people for thinking the worst when a sign went up in one of the country’s Poundland stores saying they were now selling things for more than a pound.

After all what could be more symbolic of where the country is right now than the Great British institution of Poundland (proudly named after our once-strong currency) rolling out stuff that costs more than a single shiny golden nugget?

It was a picture shared on Twitter by Bryan Roberts and it read:

“We now sell some amazing value products that cost more than £1.

“If you have any queries in relation to use selling products over £1, please ask for the store manager in store.”

Straight away you’d imagine it must be down to all this Brexit malarkey. But sadly not. Many people on Twitter were quick to point out that many individual Poundland stores had been selling items well over the £1 total that the chain is famous for.

And even in some cases for less than a quid too.

Before anyone could start freaking out and thinking it was going to be OnePoundFiftyLand, Poundland officials released a statement to Metro saying it was nothing to do with Brexit.

“Poundland has been trialing a new multi-price offering across a number of its existing stores and this will continue through to Christmas with clear round pound price points.

“We have listened to feedback from our customers and wish to offer more value from the product range we sell in our stores by offering larger packs sizes and a wider selection of products.

“The stores will also run short term offers, across all categories including homewares, toys and seasonal ranges.

“Poundland is committed to its round pound proposition and all stores trialling multi price will continue to offer the full range at its famous £1 price point which customers all know and love!”

Everybody just chill.

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