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23rd May 2021

Policewoman who shouted “Free Palestine” at protest won’t be sacked

Charlie Herbert

The officer was recorded shouting “Free, free Palestine” while on duty at a rally in London.

A policewoman who publicly supported Palestine during a demonstration is reportedly set to avoid the sack. According to the Mail, colleagues of the officer believe that she will not be dismissed because those that took the knee to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement last year did also not face any sanctions.

The MailOnline reports that PC Nusheen Jan was recorded shouting “Free, free Palestine” while on duty at a rally in central London, as thousands joined protests in the city to show their solidarity with Palestinians.

Senior officers are apparently considering whether to bring a gross misconduct charge against PC Jan. This is because officers are not allowed to make political statements while working.

One Met Police officer told the Mail: “A lot of officers have no patience for it but how can they sack her when officers were taking the knee at BLM protests last year?”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Officers know they are not to participate in demonstrations or adopt political positions.”

In the footage taken from the protest, the 20-year-old policewoman is shown holding hands with an activist after being handed a white rose. She then hugs the woman before starting to chant, sparking cheers from the thousands of people who were walking to the protest at the Israeli embassy.

At the protests outside the embassy, nine officers were reportedly injured.

In 2020, a number of Met officers took the knee at Black Lives Matter protests in London, after bosses had said that it was down to their ‘discretion’ to do so.