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08th Jun 2019

Police dog Finn’s law comes into effect

Wayne Farry

finn's law

The dog has previously appeared on Britain’s Got Talent

A new law named after a police dog has come into effect in the United Kingdom. “Finn’s Law” is named after police dog Finn, who was stabbed and seriously injured in 2016 while trying to protect PC Dave Wardell. Wardell himself was stabbed in the hand.

The German Shepherd was not expected to survive, but made a recovery. He is now retired.

The new legislation will make it more difficult for those who harm service animals to claim they were acting in self-defence.

Under old laws, the assault of Finn could only be constituted as criminal damage, but the new legislation means that the 16-year-old found guilty of causing actual bodily harm to PC Wardell would also have been tried for the harm of Finn.

Wardell, who pushed strongly for the new law to be introduced, was effusive in his praise for Finn after the Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Act was passed.

“Finn is an incredible dog and an amazing character,” said Wardell.

“He could be in a primary school for book readings one minute – and breaking up a pub fight the next.

“I’m immensely proud of him.”

The two appeared on talent show Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year, with a magic show that brought the judges to tears.

“This law is the only reason I put myself on stage in front of nine million people,” said Wardell after the appearance.