Pokémon sends rare cards to boy who sold his collection to save his dog 1 year ago

Pokémon sends rare cards to boy who sold his collection to save his dog

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An eight-year-old boy from Virginia has been sent a load of rare Pokemon cards after his fundraising exploits for his poorly dog gained nationwide-attention.


Bryson Killean, from Lebanon, Virginia, hit headlines across the USA as he decided to sell his Pokemon card collection to raise money to save his pet puppy, Bruce, who had been diagnosed with Parvo, a highly contagious dog virus.

Explaining his decision, Bryson told local media: "I know everybody likes Pokémon cards so I just decided to sell them."

After seeing a picture of him selling the cards by the side of the road, Bryson's mother decided to set up a GoFundMe page to help raise the $700 needed for the dog's treatment. However the page absolutely smashed the target as people from across the globe donated to the family after seeing Bryson's efforts to raise the money himself.


At the time of writing, the page has raised $5,420, having initially had a target of just $800.

After a week of treatment, Bruce was reunited with his owner Bryson, but the story doesn't stop there.

Bryson's kind act to try and save his beloved Bruce also gathered the attention of Pokemon employees in Washington. They decided to send the Pokemon fanatic a package of rare cards, alongside a letter that read: "Hey Bryson, we were so inspired by your story about selling your cards for your dog's recovery, these are some cards to help you replace the ones you had to sell."

Bryson was understandably delighted at the gift but, more importantly, at having Bruce back with him.


He said: "I'm happy he’s home, and I’m proud of myself. Now my brother and sister are playing with him too, and now I’m really playing with him pretty often."

The extra money raised from the GoFundMe page will be going towards medical expenses for other sick pets in Southwest Virginia.

Well played Bryson. Very well played.