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28th Oct 2023

Pilot snaps photo of mysterious red glowing clouds over Atlantic Ocean


Stranger Things just got real

A photograph of a mystery red glow taken by a pilot above the Atlantic Ocean has gone viral, sparking comparisons with the portal to the Upside Down in Netflix’s Stranger Things. 

Th eerie snaps, taken last year, were posted to Reddit with the hopes of getting to the bottom of the mystery. The pilot reportedly says ‘he’s never seen anything like it’. This isn’

Aside from the usual conspiracy theories and pop culture references, some were theorising that it could be a fishing vessel using red lights to confuse and attrach fish for catching, according to MailOnline.

However, the mystery of the red lights is yet to be solved, and the pilot himself has remained anonymous, so we’re no closer to working out what the red lights actually were.

Saury fishing uses hundreds of massive lights on fishing boats’ to attract fish so they can be scooped up in nets in one go.

However, this technique is more common in the Pacific Ocean rather than the Atlantic Ocean, though that doesn’t mean this is not the correct explanation.

Saury fish are attracted to bright red lights, and large numbers of fish are caught using this method.

While this explanation seems the most likely, some redditors got a little carried away with themselves, with one another saying: ‘Don’t worry it’s just the pits of hell staring back at you.’

Others likened it to the Watergate portal in Season Four of Stranger Things at the bottom of the lake.

And of course, there was the obvious explanation: aliens.

This isn’t the only remarkable footage a pilot has captured in recent months, after a captain from Ecuador calmly filmed himself from the cockpit after a bird flew through the window.

Video footage of Ariel Valiente has gone viral in which the remains of the bird can be seen, with its talons dangling above Valiente, who was left with a bloodied face and uniform.

He remained calm however and managed to direct the plane, with all of the further exercises completed successfully.

Warning: Distressing footage: