Piers Morgan sums up why 'Partygate' is so damaging in two minutes 4 months ago

Piers Morgan sums up why 'Partygate' is so damaging in two minutes

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We're not known for agreeing with Piers Morgan all that regularly - but his take on the ever-growing 'Partygate' scandal is very much on the money.


In a somewhat surprise showing on BBC's Sunday Morning show - his first real TV appearance since storming off GMB in 2020 - Morgan picked apart the appalling hypocrisy of the Prime Minister's coronavirus briefings and lockdown legislation.

Speaking to presenter Sophie Raworth, here is Morgan on 'Partygate':


While, on the one hand, nothing he said is particularly new - we've been hearing heartbreaking stories of how people spent last Christmas following the first party becoming known to the public - and it's not even the first time the Downing Street debacle has been dissected on the BBC - but his summation is damning, nonetheless.

Although it's easier said than done, Morgan prompts viewers to "forget about all the other parties" for a moment and to focus instead on that "one party back in May 2020 [...] when you couldn't go and see loved ones who were dying hospital."

He then goes on to detail how the former Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden - who was appearing as a guest later on in the same show - attended the now-infamous garden party "literally minutes after he has the brass-neck to stand there and order everyone to only meet one person outside at a two-metre distance."


Moreover, Morgan revealed that while his experience of lockdown stresses were on a much smaller scale than most - like far too many he had cousins and close friends who couldn't say a proper goodbye to their dying loved ones as Downing Street staff, MPs and journalists partied away at No. 10 and beyond.

Despite Raworth attempt to soften the claim that "the court of public opinion has come back and found him guilty of the most brazen, rank hypocrisy imaginable", Morgan went on to insist that "it's not just my view: the polls suggest his popularity is sinking to all-time lows".


The question is, how many more parties will take before he goes?

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