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03rd Feb 2021

Piers Morgan blasts Covid deniers after video showing Chris Whitty abuse


“This video should disgust all of us… Where is our decency?”

Piers Morgan has ripped into Covid deniers and conspiracy theorists after video footage showing Professor Chris Whitty being abused in the street was posted online.

The video, which originally appeared on TikTok but has since been widely shared on other platforms, shows the Chief Medical Officer for England repeatedly being accused of lying about Covid-19.

Showing a clip of the video on Good Morning Britian, Morgan said that such videos were the result of ‘brainwashing’ from conspiracy theorists, who, despite the UK’s death toll now surpassing 100,000, continue to downplay and question the seriousness of the virus.

“Professor Whitty is one of the most eminent scientists in the world, not just our country,” Morgan began. “He’s probably doing 18 to 20 hour days, seven days a week to try and save our lives and the very least he deserves is our respect.

“And yet he got that from someone in the street from somebody clearly whipped up to believe that Covid doesn’t exist, it’s all lies. Whipped up by people on social media, by these Covid deniers. High-profile people, trying to downplay this virus, even when the death toll passes 100,000.

“That video should disgust all of us, in the same way that the trolling of Captain Tom and of Marcus Rashford in the last week should disgust us. Where is our decency?”

He continued: “We don’t know who the perpetrator is or how old he is, he’s clearly quite young, but whoever you are: what do you gain by that, by insulting and abusing our top medical officer?

“It’s a pathetic indictment of where the country is going in terms of that kind of nonsense on social media. It’s the brainwashing from conspiracy theorists. This is the damage they do.”