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23rd Apr 2018

People’s suggestions for the royal baby’s name are hilarious

We should've known better than to ask

Wayne Farry

What will it be?

The newest addition to the royal family entered the world today at 11.01 AM as Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby boy, her third child with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

While the national excitement continues to bubble like an overheated cauldron full of soup, we await with baited breath the announcement of the child’s name.

Will it traditional? Will it be new age? Or will they name him after the day of his birth so that they only have to remember one name for two sons? Whatever it is, we’ll be here, cupping our hands like hungry orphans eagerly waiting to receive the news of the name.

Until that time though, we are left to speculate on what his name will be and in a bid to stop ourselves from losing our minds with pure excitement, we asked you – the public – to suggest what you believe should  be the new baby’s name.

To be honest, we should’ve known better and predictably everyone made similar jokes. Sometimes we wonder about the state of this country when people cannot even be bothered to take the name of a recently-born baby prince seriously.

Proof, if any more was needed, that democracy doesn’t work.