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12th Feb 2024

People vow to ‘never’ go on a cruise after seeing ‘horrifying’ reality of what they’re like at night

Nina McLaughlin

People have been left terrified after seeing footage of what cruises are like after dark

For many, going on a cruise holiday is the ultimate dream.

Eating at a buffet every night, drinking in a host of different bars and a host of on board entertainment all while travelling the world sounds pretty darn faultless, right?

Well, footage from one TikToker has left people feeling rather uneasy about the idea of the cruising life, after they realised what exactly it’s like on board after dark.

TikToker @chasingthedream.hj shared a clip of what it’s like onboard outside, with a voiceover saying: “Did you know that on a cruise at night it gets so dark?”

The accompanying footage is pretty darn scary – the ship’s pool area is well lit, but anything over the side of the boat is cloaked in total darkness.

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Nope, you can’t even see any stars or moonlight in the clip – anything aside from the boat itself is pitch black.

Viewers responded to the clip with bafflement.

“Bro how is it not ONE star out there,” one person commented.

A second said: “It’s the blackest black I’ve ever experienced the night it was cloudy and zero star/moon light – kinda surreal.”

While a third joked: “Best sleep you’ll ever get is on a cruise.”

A fourth shared their own experience: “I love cruising. But I made the mistake of heading outside on a lower deck at night.

“Almost had a panic attack when I saw the black.”