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14th Mar 2022

People are saying Russell Brand is the UK’s Joe Rogan after his latest comments

Kieran Galpin


‘Russell Brand is basically Joe Rogan dressed as Jack Sparrow at a wellness retreat’

Russell Brand is being dubbed the UK’s Joe Rogan after recent comments he made surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Brand has undergone quite the transformation since his Katy Perry days, swapping paparazzi shots for podcasting. Most recently, in his video entitled “How Did We Miss This?” Brand slammed Trudeau while talking about the “authoritarianism” happening in Canada.

A clip of his scathing monologue was shared to Twitter by news outlet The Post Millennial, who captioned the video: “Wow. Russell Brand just absolutely obliterated authoritarian tyrant Justin Trudeau. Watch until the end!”

While Brand did admit that protests in Canada and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are “two separate things”, he continued to say that “if the reason that this war is wrong” is down to “democratic principles” then you must also be democratic in your own country.

Brand was referencing continued protests in Canada over vaccine mandates and covid restrictions that saw Trudeau invoke the Emergencies Act on February 15. Without a need for court orders, banks could freeze the assets of anyone linked to the protests, which caused widespread criticism in both Canada and the UK.

When visiting Prime Minister Boris Johnson to discuss the Ukraine crisis, Trudeau was forced to use another entrance to Number 10 to evade protests.

Russell Brand’s incendiary speech sparked conversation around his podcast and YouTube channel which tends to focus primarily on political discourse. Naturally, another name was dropped in comparison, Joe Rogan. Both Rogan and Brand began their careers in stand-up, only to stumble into the podcasting industry where they have made big money.

One such comparison highlighted how “the internet broke Russell brand”, showcasing a series of Youtube video names ranging from “You’ve not been told this about Russia” to “the narrative is collapsing.” Such titles are not uncommon on Rogan’s channel, where he tackles enormous topics like non-FDA-approved covid remedies and identity politics.

“Russell Brand is the Joe Rogan of England,” wrote one Twitter user. “And Joe Rogan is the barely sentient potato of whatever room he’s in.”

Much like Brand, Rogan is also no stranger to criticism, with calls for his removal from Spotify still raging on.

“If you think Russell Brand and Joe Rogan are enlightened because they think anti-Covid measures are tyranny while Russia bombs hospitals, then you can f*ck straight the f*ck off,” another Twitter user scathed.

Another said: “People being surprised Russell Brand is basically Joe Rogan dressed as Jack Sparrow at a wellness retreat, clearly haven’t been paying attention. He began his commentary career advising kids not to vote – reflecting his really shaky grasp of how power works.”

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