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27th Sep 2016

Reporter shocks everyone with her sweary reaction at last night’s Presidential debate

She won the night with just 4 words.

Declan Cashin

Do not mess with this woman.

Last night’s presidential debate in the US was a busy night for everyone, not least members of the media who had to push and shove and scramble to get the soundbite they needed from the candidates and their spin doctors.

And it all became a bit too chaotic for one short-tempered reporter.

The reporter in question is Kimberly Halkett, who works for Al Jazeera, and she snapped when she was pushed out of the way while trying to get an interview with billionaire Mark Cuban, who caused a ruckus by coming out to support Hillary Clinton.

Halkett got sick of being jostled, as any of us would, and turned around to a woman who pushed her and uttered the now immortal line, ‘Thanks a lot, bitch!’.

Needless to say, people are going nuts over the clip, which was uploaded to Vine by the Washington Post’s Dalton Bennett.

It’s clear Halkett was the big winner on the night – sorry Hillary.

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