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17th Apr 2024

Pensioner tells radio host first thing he’ll do after winning £105k is buy his late wife a headstone

Charlie Herbert

Pensioner buys wife headstone

This will hit you in the feels

A pensioner who won more than £100,000 on a radio competition said the first thing he’ll do with the money is get a headstone for his late wife’s grave.

John won £105,000 on Hits Radio’s Cash Register competition in May last year, and after his huge win presenter Hattie Pearson asked him what he was going to do with the money.

He responded: “I would buy a gravestone for my late wife’s grave.”

He explained that his wife Anita passed away six years ago and that he hasn’t been able to afford to get her a headstone for her grave.

John added that he goes to see her every week and would be going this Saturday to “put some fresh flowers” down.

Hattie said that this time, he’ll have some “good news to share with her.”

John then said that he’d never won anything before, before correcting himself and saying: “Well, I say I’ve never won anything – I’ve won the love of a lovely lady.”

His beautiful words made Hattie “a bit emotional” as she took a few seconds to compose herself.

The radio presenter wasn’t the only one struggling to hold it together at John’s story.

Many listeners took to social media to share that they were crying and in tears listening to the conversation.

One person wrote: “Sobbed in the car listening to John live… Sobbed again re-listening. So glad John won.”

Another said: “I was sobbing like a baby listening to that when working this afternoon.”

Anyway, you’ll have to excuse me, there’s something in my eye…

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