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09th May 2015

Oxford University rugby ‘lads’ ordered on anti-sexual harassment course

Not just 'lad banter'...

Ben Kenyon

Oxford University is the last place you’d expect to find ‘lad culture’.

But rugby players at the posh university for Britain’s brightest and best are being hauled over the coals for their laddish behaviour.

The Metro says sexism has gone too far at the Uni – with one drinking society organising a pub crawl where girls dressed as foxes and had to ‘evade mauling’ by male students in huntsmen garb.

Meanwhile, the New College’s Newt publication got flack for publishing a quote saying: “No I haven’t punched a girl during sex. But never say never.”

These are supposed to be the crème de la crème of British society. Haven’t you got studies to study?

So, bad lads on campus are being sent on a course to curb this kind of behaviour – a bit like My Fair Lady but with boozy male students.

The Good Lad course covers consent and avoiding sexual harrassment (and presumably not to chase women around dressed like the Beaufort Hunt), The Times reports.

If the players don’t go on the course, they will be banned from playing in an inter-college rugby tournament called ‘Cuppers’.

Oh fiddlesticks.

Clean it up gents, please.

(H/T Metro/ The Times)