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11th Jun 2024

Nurse issues urgent warning to parents over instant noodles


Paediatric nurse, Sarah Hunstead is warning parents about the dangers of serving instant noodles to children

According to the Australian nurse, who runs Australia’s children’s safety page CPR Kids, it only takes a few seconds for the instant noodles to become a danger.

The boiling water in the cup can cause severe scalds and burns in a matter of seconds.

“Little ones have received serious burns from either pulling a cooling bowl of noodles on top of themselves or spilling them while consuming them,” she said.

While the convenience food may seem child friendly, Hunstead reckons it’s better to drain the noodles before giving them to a child, just in case.

“This way, they will be ready to eat safely without a long wait for them to cool down, and with no scalding water in sight!” she shared on her Instagram.

Her post on social media was prompted after New South Wales health authorities reported five cases in one week of children hospitalised following burns from the instant noodles.

Most of the children had spilled the boiling water while carrying the container or eating it on their lap.