Nottingham school condemned for no longer admitting trans students 4 months ago

Nottingham school condemned for no longer admitting trans students

An MP stated that the school is 'hiding behind the Equality Act'

A school in Nottingham has announced that it will no longer admit pupils who identify as Transgender. Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome has condemned the choice, saying it "could be unlawful."


Nottingham Girls' High School, which the Girls' Day School Trust controls, has said it will only be accepting students based on their legal record.

Labour MP Whittome told ITV News Central that "the trust is hiding behind the Equality Act."

Nottingham Girls' High School Nottingham Girls' High School/Via Google Maps

She continued: "But the Equality Act itself is clear on this, there's a provision in it that allows single sex schools to maintain their single sex exemption while also admitting pupils of the opposite sex in exceptional circumstances.

"What isn't so clear and what lawyers are concerned about is that in fact, the trust's new policy is the one that could be unlawful."

The trust has explained that the decision is to protect the status of their single-sex school. They also emphasised that any current student wishing to transition or explore their identity will be supported and allowed to remain at the school.


Nadia Labour's Nadia Whittome spoke on the issue/Via ITV

Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief Executive Officer of the Trust, stated: "It is important to state first and foremost that the underlying principle of our policy is to offer a supportive educational environment to those students who are exploring their gender identity or in the process of transitioning.

"Our trans students are welcome in our schools and our policy primarily sets out ways in which schools can support them.


"A trans student already at our school can remain at the school for as long as they wish to do so. Young people exploring their gender identity need space and time to make decisions, free of pressure."

Elaborating on the law aspect of the decision, Giovannoni said that "schools are able to operate a single-sex admissions policy, without breaching the Equality Act 2010."

She continued: "Under current laws and guidance, the GDST believes that an admissions policy based on gender identity rather than the legal sex recorded on a student's birth certificate could jeopardise the status of GDST schools as single-sex schools under the act.

"We will continue to monitor the legal interpretation of this exemption."

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