Nightclub to offer GoPros to clubbers so they can remember their entire night out 1 year ago

Nightclub to offer GoPros to clubbers so they can remember their entire night out

I mean, this has got to be some people's worst nightmare...

A nightclub in Colchester is going to let clubbers hire out GoPros and harnesses so that people can record the entirety of their night and remember what exactly it was they got up to.


ATIK will let customers hire out the cameras, and for an additional fee will even edit the footage into your own personal highlight package, so that you can remember every drink spilt over you, how long you stood at the bar waiting for a drink, and just how grim the toilets were.

Good memories.

Posting on Facebook, the club wrote: "Do you or your friends suffer from memory loss after a night out? We got you!


"This summer you will be able to hire a GoPro and harness to record the whole of your night out, for an additional fee we will edit together your highlights! GoPro or Go Home!"

Whilst many will not be able to think of much worse than a continuous recording of themselves pissed and yelling out the words to Mr Brightside or Bonkers, it seems like a few others quite like the idea.

Responding to the post, one person wrote: "I'd live for watching this back."

Another commented: "The moment I've been waiting for."

While a third added: "This would be f****** hilarious on out nights."

And many more tagged friends and club companions with comments about being able to actually remember nights out now.

Others had more sense then, and realised how mad it would be to want to watch yourself back after a night out.

One person said: "Watching that back would be worse than the actual beer fear."

Interesting philosophical question there, what would be worse: worrying about what you might have done on a night out, or knowing what you had done on a night out.

After all, as the saying goes, what you don't know can't hurt you...