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16th Nov 2015

New Yorker issues account of ‘heartbreaking’ journey with Muslim taxi driver after Paris attack

This is incredibly sad...

Tom Victor

One of the hidden impacts of events like those in Paris is the heightened Islamophobia which often regrettably follows.

We have seen individuals suffer from the prejudices of others, purely as a result of them sharing a religion with the Paris attackers, and this reared its head in New York over the weekend.

Alex Malloy, who lives in Manhattan, relaid details of “the saddest 25 minutes I’ve experienced from another human being”, when a Muslim taxi driver cried throughout the journey in response to the actions of the extremists in France and the subsequent Islamophobia.

The driver had spent two hours unable to pick up a single passenger, saying “nobody wants to drive with me because they feel unsafe”.

Read the account in full here: