New Nando's drink rule will disrupt fan favourite hack and annoy everyone 2 months ago

New Nando's drink rule will disrupt fan favourite hack and annoy everyone

The change comes into effect on October 1

Nando's is making some serious changes to its menu that will undoubtedly frustrate a good deal of its customers.


In response to Tory legislation coming into effect on October 1 that prohibits the sale of high-sugar refillable drinks, Nando's is scrapping its bottomless coca-cola option.

Customers at Nando's can usually enjoy a range of bottomless drink options that tend to cost around the £3.50 mark. Coca-cola, Fanta, and Sprite Zero are generally available at drink stations.

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Luckily, customers will still be able to get bottomless diet drinks, and bottles of coke will not be affected by the legislation.

"We will change our Classic Coke proposition in line with HFSS Government legislation due to come in October 2022, all lower sugar and zero sugar drinks are not affected," A Nando's spokesperson said.

Products high in fat, salt, or sugar will also be removed from supermarket entrances and checkouts. HFSS product adverts will also not be permitted to run before the watershed. Further restrictions on advertising on social media are expected to be implemented on 1 January 2023.


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In other Nando's news, the restaurant chain has introduced a range of new dishes just in time for summer. The brand is bringing the Quinoa & PERi-Tomato Salad to its restaurants, which is described as "fresh lettuce, lightly salted pitta croutons, semi-dried PERi-tomatoes, crumbly feta and a generous handful of quinoa in a Lemon & Wild Garlic dressing."

Other new inclusions feature the smoky churrasco chicken, which is bound to blow your socks off.


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