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28th May 2019

Brexit party supporters shout ‘go home’ at British-Asian Labour MEP

West Midlands Labour said an 'ugly truth' had been exposed

Oli Dugmore

West Midlands Labour said an ‘ugly truth’ had been exposed

Brexit party supporters shouted “fuck off” and “go home” as a British-Asian MEP gave her acceptance speech after the European elections.

Labour’s Neena Gill said the abuse amounted to “racism” and the party’s West Midlands branch said it exposed an “ugly truth.”

During the declaration of results, Gill said: “European history tells us that every fascist regime needs people to demonise in order to thrive.”

This prompted heckles from the Brexit party crowd like “Is it okay to call us fascists?” and “Are half a million people fascists?”

Brexit party MEP Rupert Lowe said: “The people I’m standing alongside represent a broad cross-section of the UK population. I’ve seen no evidence of any sign of fascism.”

Lowe’s party claimed 38 per cent of the vote in the West Midlands, Labour just 17 per cent.