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17th Oct 2022

Muppet Show theme tune reimagined in brilliant Liz Truss spoof

Charlie Herbert

Muppet Show theme tune reimagined in brilliant Liz Truss spoof

Will Liz Truss make it to the end of the week?

Liz Truss’ premiership continues to go from bad to worse, with the Prime Minister now starring in her own version of The Muppet Show theme tune.

Truss appears to be a dead woman walking in her role as Tory party leader and Prime Minister.

And to add insult to injury, Truss has now been cast as the star in a remake of The Muppets Show theme tune in a viral social media video.

The video takes aim at her cabinet and casts Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and leader of the SNP in the House of Commons Ian Blackford as the iconic Statler and Waldorf.

And right at the end, we get a classic Truss moment.

People have been loving the hilarious spoof, with the video having racked up 1.2 million views at the time of writing.

And several thought that, if anything, it was actually giving the Tories too much credibility and being harsh on The Muppet Show.

One person commented: “Great, although a bit hard on the Muppet show.”

Another wrote: “Giving them too much credibility and credit here! It’s actually much, much worse.”

It’s been a truly horrific few days for Liz Truss, who continues to somehow sink to lower and lower levels with every passing hour.

On Friday, she decided to sack her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng just weeks after he had implemented her financial plan in the government’s disastrous mini-budget.

She then announced that Jeremy Hunt would be the new chancellor, someone who has publicly disagreed with Truss’ economic strategy of tax cuts.

This has been followed by a small number of Tory MPs publicly calling for Truss to resign from her role.

Crispin Blunt was the first MP to demand her exit, telling Channel 4’s Andrew Neil Show on Sunday: “I think the game is up and it’s now a question as to how the succession is managed.”

Blunt was followed by Andrew Bridgen and Jamie Wallis over the weekend.

Senior Tory figure Malcolm Rifkind has also called on her to go, telling the Independent that it was “in the national interest” for MPs to demand her resignation.

Names being thrown around as potential replacements are Ben Wallace, Penny Mordaunt and Rishi Sunak.

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