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08th Jul 2024

Mum sparks backlash after admitting she puts Apple AirTags on her kids

Kat O'Connor

Is there such a thing as being too protective?

A mum in America has sparked quite a heated debate online after admitting she puts Apple AirTags on her children.

Her now-viral TikTok has left many parents wondering if there is such a thing as being too protective of your children.

24-year-old Vada Stevens from North Carolina explained her controversial parenting method in a recent TikTok.

The mum said she decided to put Apple AirTags in bracelets for her two daughters, but many parents felt they were like too extreme.

Explaining the decision, Vada said: “I saw a TikTok about a mom who puts Apple AirTags in bracelets on her kids and I thought it was the coolest thing.

“You can find them on Amazon and you can track them and make a beeping noise and you can train your kids to come when they hear the beeping noise.”

She then demonstrated how the bracelets work which caused even further controversy.

In the video, her daughters come running into the shot and say “You beeped for us. What did you need?”

Many agreed that the bracelets reminded them of shock collars.

Others said, “This is so scary.”

“Kids are not animals stop tracking them with tracking devices wtf dude? Just look for them normally!!” another added.

“It’s giving shock collar vibes,” another wrote.

Veda defended the decision and told Today that she is only trying to protect her little girls.

 “I am extremely paranoid about everything safety. I thought the bracelets were genius. 

“My two-year-old doesn’t pay attention and runs off so if she happens to get lost, [the AirTag] is a perfect way to find her,” she added.

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