Mum gives daughter's dog away after she cheats on exams 2 months ago

Mum gives daughter's dog away after she cheats on exams

Bit harsh

A mother has taken to Reddit to share a particularly harsh punishment that she delivered to her daughter after discovering she had cheated on a school exam.


In the post that has since divided fellow Redditors on the popular r/AmITheAsshole board, the unnamed woman started by explaining that her daughter is bright and capable of doing the hard work required to pass exams - however she claims she's simply doesn't want to put in the time and wasn't even apologetic after being caught red handed.

"My daughter has always been that smart kid who relies purely on that to go from grade to grade," began the woman, speaking on the board where many go to share confessional stories that often divide opinion.

"She never does her homework, never pays attention in class and studies the very morning of a test.


"Miraculously she still good enough marks in all he subjects except for history.

"A couple months ago she had an essay coming up and I spoke to her and said that she needs to do a whole a lot better in it than she did in her last history test (37%). She blew me off so I told her that if she didn't at least get above 55% I was going to give her dog away to the boy next door.

"Still she didn't take me seriously but agreed that she'll even get an 80. We laughed about it and when the results came back she got 78%. We laughed about it and took her out for a celebratory lunch out with her father."

It's here where things took a rather dramatic turn.


While cleaning her room shortly after, the girl's mother "found this box filled with old papers and tests from the previous year. After looking through a few I saw an essay which looked familiar.

She continued, explaining that "I read it and felt that there was something off so I took it and asked my daughter if I could re read her one. They were almost identical. When I confronted her about it she lied and said it was her first draft. Finally at the end she said it was Debbie's (an older friend of hers) who wrote it for the same assignment a couple years back.

"I did get upset and shouted at her before she went off to her room. No sense of regret or feeling bad about it."

After being found guilty of committing the crime, the cheater's mother decided her daughter had to do the time.


"So I took her dog and went next door to give it to our neighbors. She's been crying ever since and her father is calling me an asshole but I feel like she needs to understand that there are consequences for every action.

"Am I the asshole?"

Well, in answer to her question, the woman received a variety of responses - the vast majority of which confirmed that yes, she indeed was the asshole.

"Dogs are pets and part of the family. They aren't punishments," said the most popular reply. "Find a different way to punish her. You are punishing the dog too and it didn't do anything wrong."

Another added: "She cheated because [you] had already told her 'if you don't get at least X I'm giving the dog away.' She was clearly desperate and maybe could've done better on her own? But didn't want to chance it for fear the dog would get taken away."


Although some were completely on her side:

"Agreed 100%," said one enthusiastic poster.

"Don’t just punish your daughter for bad grades, punish her for not making an effort. Don’t enable her laziness and lack of responsibility just because she usually gets good results regardless.

"It’ll bite her in the ass later in life one she actually has to put in hard work."

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