Mouse caught on camera tidying up pensioner's shed at night 1 year ago

Mouse caught on camera tidying up pensioner's shed at night

What an absolute trooper

If you own a shed, you'll know that they are an absolute pain to even think about cleaning up. They get dusty, often a bit damp, and are just covered head to toe in random pieces of DIY materials, old shoes, tents, folded chairs and literally everything else that could conceivably fit in there.

As such, it's an absolute delight when someone actually offers to help you out with some cleaning, lightening the burden of tidying up a building you only ever enter when you A) want something from it or B) want to tidy it up.

A man from Gloucestershire named Stephen McKears found himself with an unexpected helper recently, something he suspected after noticing how small metal items he had left on a table were returning to their box overnight.

To figure out the source of this nocturnal spring cleaning, McKears set up a special camera next to the items on the table. What he found was not a neighbour or family member, but in fact a mouse helping him clean up every night.

In the footage shown, the unnamed mouse can be seen sorting the pieces of mental, deciding what is worth putting into the storage box and then actually placing the items in the box.

Now, this obviously prompts a number of questions. For example: what the fuck is going on?

Does this mouse live in the shed? Does he consider the owner to be a nuisance, constantly messing up his living room every day with his stupid metal items? Or is he a traveling mouse, who goes from shed to shed tidying and cleaning?

What we can say is that we will almost certainly never know, so perhaps it's just best to accept this little fella for what he is: extremely helpful and cute.