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30th Jun 2022

Mother fatally shot ‘at point-blank range’ while pushing baby in pram in random act in New York

Kieran Galpin

No arrests have been made at the time of writing

A mother has died after being fatally shot in the head while she was with her three-month-old baby in a pram in New York City.

The unnamed 20-year-old was approached by a stranger who “fired a single shot”, according to a report from Sky News. The shot was at a “very close range” but she survived the initial attack before passing away in hospital later that day.

The NYPD was called to the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Wednesday, June 29, at around 8.20 pm. Police on the scene found the woman unconscious, at which point she was taken to Metropolitan Hospital by emergency services. She died less than an hour later.

The baby was also taken to the hospital despite not sustaining any injuries.

The suspect has been described as a man wearing all black. Reports suggest he ran from the scene near the junction of Lexington Avenue and East 95th Street. No arrests have been made yet.

NYC’s mayor Eric Adams had just last weekend slammed the “appalling” supreme court decision that will in turn allow people to carry firearms around busy cities legally.

Adams said the latest crime showed people had “no fear in using these guns on innocent New Yorkers”.

“This entire day, we have been addressing the problem of the over-proliferation of guns on our street, how readily accessible they are,” he said. “These are real stories, real lives.”

He added: “When a mother is pushing a baby carriage down the block or an individual woman is pushing the baby carriage down the block and is shot at point-blank range, it shows just how this national problem is impacting families.”

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