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27th Jun 2022

Vladimir Putin is gravely ill and will be ‘dead within two years’, spy chief claims

The claims come from the head of Ukraine’s intelligence agency

Russian President Vladimir Putin “doesn’t have a long life ahead of him” as he battles numerous “grave” illnesses that spies inside the Kremlin have reported to Ukrainian officials.

Rumours of Putin’s spiralling health have been widespread since his forces invaded Ukraine on February 24. The latest claims come from Major General Kyrylo Budanov, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service, who reportedly has a network of spies embedded in Russia.

According to USA Today, Budanov made the claims about Putin’s health on June 22 from the agency’s Kyiv headquarters while also predicting that captured US soldiers would be released within “a few months.”

Vladimir Putin

The Ukrainian official said that his spies are embedded in the Russian parliament, the presidential administration and several branches of its intelligence service. His office now predicts that Putin, 69, will succumb to his illnesses within two years.

Despite Russian officials branding the rumours as nonsense, claims of Putin’s deteriorating health have been prominent over the last few weeks.

Earlier this month, the Russian politician reportedly needed “urgent medical assistance” after experiencing a “sharp sickness.”

“A week ago, the president was preparing to answer the questions of the Russian citizens in late June-early July,” said the General SVR Telegram channel. “But his doctors advised him not to make any lengthy public appearances in the near future.”

Vladimir Putin

FSB defector Boris Karpichkov has previously spoken to the Sunday Times regarding Putin’s health, claiming that he is suffering from “a severe form of rapidly progressing cancer.” Karpichkov’s reports seemingly match Budanov’s, with both suggesting he has just years to live.

With the Kremlin’s infamously tight grasp on what information becomes public knowledge, confirmation of Putin’s health is unlikely.

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