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19th Oct 2021

More people died from Covid yesterday than the same day last year

Ava Evans

Life is returning back to normal, and so are the Coronavirus case levels

The UK has recorded 223 Covid deaths – within 28 days of a positive test – in the biggest daily jump since March.

A further 43,738 coronavirus cases were also recorded, according to figures released on Tuesday that represent the previous 24-hour period.

On the same day last year, the UK recorded 192 deaths.

It is the biggest daily jump since early March, when Britain was still required to ‘stay at home’ under a national lockdown order.

In September of 2020, Chief Medical Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance, warned the country could see a dangerously high 200 deaths-a-day by mid-November.

Addressing the country from a Downing Street press conference, Vallance instructed Britons to take fast action to curb the spread of the virus, warning we could hit 50,000 daily cases if the public failed to follow the rule-of-six guidance.

The scientific adviser warned that if this rate were to rise unabated, “by the middle of November”, the country could see “200-plus deaths per day”.

He asked for speed and action from the British public in order to bring that number down. The country entered the tier system three weeks later.

In October 2021, the country is seeing more recorded Covid deaths than at the same time last year, yet the same conversation isn’t being had.

On Monday, the UK had reported 49,156 cases of Covid. On the same date in 2020, the number was 14,184.

The latest figures from the department for education, released on Tuesday, show the number of pupils absent from school for Covid-related reasons had increased by 5,000 in two weeks.

The number of children currently absent from school because of the virus totalled 209,000.

Of those, 111,000 pupils had a confirmed case of coronavirus.

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