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04th Jun 2021

Model responds to backlash after being exposed for fake business class photo

Charlie Herbert

“This time I promise I paid.”

An influencer who was rumbled pretending to be travelling in business class whilst actually sitting in economy has responded to the embarrassing moment by posting a series of Instagram stories and photos which show her actually sitting in business class this time.

Instagram model Oceane El Himer went viral after posting a picture of herself posing in the business class area of a plane, before being papped sitting in economy by a fellow passenger.

She had shared a picture of herself posing in the luxurious seating area of the plane wearing a cropped hoodie and purple tracksuit bottoms. Not exactly inconspicuous. However she was caught out when someone else on the flight posted a picture of Oceane sitting just a few rows behind them, crammed into economy just like the rest of the peasants slumming it on the flight.

You could spot those trackies anywhere.

However Oceane has now uploaded new pics of her sat with a mate, in business class, with a glass of bubbly in hand, and flicking a certain finger to the camera.

Oceane, who is French, captioned the pics with “Cette fois ci promis j’ai payé,” which, for the non-french speakers among you, translates to “this time I promise I paid.”

After her initial sneaky economy flight made its way round the internet, Oceane shared a statement on Snapchat in which she said that she “has no shame in travelling in eco class.”

In her statement, the model said: “I took several flights to arrive in the south, including one in eco class. Took a picture and I accepted. I fully assume the fact of travelling in eco class, I’m not the type of girl who likes to show her money.

“Yes I traveled in eco and in business. And so? Where is the problem, I do not understand?

“Much more serious things are happening in life.”

Got to say though, her new pics don’t suggest that she doesn’t like to show off her money….