Minister backs probe into misogynistic Mail on Sunday article 3 months ago

Minister backs probe into misogynistic Mail on Sunday article

James Heappey said the comments about 'Ange' reflected sexism felt by many of his colleagues

A government Minister has welcomed Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle's probe into a "misogynistic" article published by the Mail on Sunday.


Speaking to LBC, the Armed Forces minister James Heappey said "all the female colleagues I have spoken to since Sunday have reflected to me that what was said about Ange '[sic] is reflective of what they have to deal with day in day out," and that "misogyny should have no place" in reporting.

"Our female colleagues shouldn't have to put up with this sort of crap," he said.

Asked if criticising the editor of the Mail on Sunday was an interference into the workings of the free press, Heappey said "no".


On Monday, Sir Lindsay said he had summoned the editor of the Mail on Sunday to discuss an article published about Angela Rayner.

Sir Lindsay said the article was demeaning and offensive to MPs, and could deter women from standing for election.

He confirmed that he would be inviting the editor of the Mail on Sunday, David Dillon, as well as the chair of parliamentary lobby to discuss the matter further.

The Mail on Sunday's piece claimed Rayner crosses and uncrosses her legs, in hopes of distracting Johnson in the Commons.


It quoted one anonymous Tory MP who said that Rayner “knows she can’t compete with Boris’ Oxford Union debating training, but she has other skills which he lacks”

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