Met Police responds to one million partiers 'attending' No 10 Christmas rave 6 months ago

Met Police responds to one million partiers 'attending' No 10 Christmas rave

'We won't grass on yer'

The Met Police have replied to an invite from someone to a Christmas rave that more have 450,000 people will be 'attending' this year.

Hundreds of thousands of people have responded to a Facebook event inviting them to attend a Christmas rave at 10 Downing Street, with the joke event set up in response to the news that Number 10 held a party last December at the Prime Minister's residence - despite lockdown restrictions.

One person decided to make the Met aware of the Christmas rave, letting them know they were more than welcome to come along and "get absolutely tw**ted with us."

They wrote: "Hey Guys! Giving you a heads up on a relatively small rave happening on 24th Dec at 10 Downing St.


"Feel free to turn off your body cams and scanners and get absolutely t***ted with us (we won't grass on yer)"

The Met police allegedly replied: "We have already been made aware of this.

"Thank you."

(credit: Facebook)

One user commented: "Christmas rave has had me laughing all day .. bloody brilliant love it!"

Someone else joked: "They will be there in number, it's too big a risk for them to risk it."

"I read that reply as 'Roger that, we'll be there and we'll bring the sherbet'," another added.

The Met have already announced that they will not be investigating the allegations of the party at Number 10 last year due to "an absence of evidence."

In a statement, the force said: "The Metropolitan Police Service has received a significant amount of correspondence relating to allegations reported in the media that the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations were breached at gatherings at No 10 Downing Street in November and December 2020.

"All this correspondence has been considered by detectives in detail, as well as footage published by ITV News.

"The correspondence and footage does not provide evidence of a breach of the Health Protection Regulations, but restates allegations made in the media. Based on the absence of evidence and in line with our policy not to investigate retrospective breaches of such regulations, the Met will not commence an investigation at this time."

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