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02nd May 2022

Met Office confirms scorching nine-day heatwave set to hit 20C

Kieran Galpin

Grab the sunscreen

The UK’s weather wizards have predicted a nine-day “mini heatwave” that is set to sweep the UK over the next week.

The UK weather has been hit and miss for months, with some days bringing sunshine and others resembling a gothic horror novel. But from May 5, it’s believed that the heat will hit 20C and continue for some time without sudden showers or chilly spells.

London and the South East will benefit the most and can expect to see consistently warmer readings. According to BBC weather, nighttime temperatures in London will not drop below 9C.


Things in Scotland are staying frosty, but temperatures are expected to sit around 15C. Areas around Manchester will also see a slightly cooler front, with temperatures expected to sit between 17C and 19C.

“Winds are generally light, with the chance of some stronger winds in the north,” reads the Met Office’s forecast from May 5 to 14. “Into the weekend, cloudy conditions with the risk of rain in the north and northwest. Elsewhere mostly dry with sunny spells and a few showers.”

It added: “Into the following week generally settled conditions should prevail in the south, whereas in the north, conditions are more changeable. Temperatures are likely to be around or above average throughout, but cooler towards the north and near coasts.”

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Even after the nine days, the Met Office has foreseen a “warmer than average” summer.

“There is an increase in the likelihood of warmer-than-average conditions in the month ahead,” it said. “Predictions are consistent in suggesting an increase in the likelihood of temperatures being above average overall.

“While this doesn’t necessarily mean heatwaves will occur, it does increase the likelihood of heatwaves compared to normal.”

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