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01st Dec 2023

McDonald’s is giving its menu a makeover and promises the ‘best burgers ever’

Nina McLaughlin

Maccies is changing the game when it comes to their menu

There is nothing quite like a McDonald’s. From their golden nuggets to their icy Diet Cokes, when the cravings hit, nothing else will hit the spot.

However, the fast food outlet have recently announced that they plan on making some changes to their menu.

Don’t worry, though, as they promise that these changes will make the experience of eating a Big Mac even better.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the outlet are planning a major overhaul of how they cook their burgers.

“We can do it quick, fast and safe, but it doesn’t necessarily taste great. So, we want to incorporate quality into where we’re at,” McDonald’s senior director of global menu strategy Chris Young said.

The changes are set to include less burgers on the grill at one time, meaning the patties should stay juicier, as well as introducing brioche buns with a thicker bottom.

Another change involves keeping lettuce and pickles in smaller containers, so that they get refreshed more often throughout the day.

The outlet is also planning on giving our beloved Big Macs more sauce, ensuring sesame seeds are more evenly distributed on buns, and rehydrating onions after purchase to ensure maximum moisture.

Additionally, they are set to keep cheese out of the fridge for longer before placing it on their burgers to make sure we get maximum melt and gooeyness.