Maya Jama criticised for 'disrespectful' video outside Buckingham Palace 1 year ago

Maya Jama criticised for 'disrespectful' video outside Buckingham Palace

The TV presenter posted the video on her Instagram on Friday

Maya Jama has been on the receiving end of some particularly harsh criticism for a 'disrespectful' video that she posted outside Buckingham Palace in the aftermath of Prince Philip's death.


The 26-year-old had shared the video to her 2.1 million followers on her story, in which she was in the back of a cab driving past the palace.

As she remarks how busy it is, Jama then remembers the major news story of the day, saying "Oh my god, it's kicking off, yes fuck." No big deal, really.

She then asks the cab driver whether he'd heard the news, saying: "Prince Philip died, did you hear?"


The real news story would have been if a London cabbie hadn't heard the news of the duke's death.

However some people have really taken offence to the video, as 'some people' have a habit of doing, and it seems that the DJ's language in particular riled them up.

One Twitter user described her as a "complete and utter gobshite," going on to say that Prince Philip "served in world war 2 & received a mention in dispatches. Regardless of anyone's views of the Royals show some respect."

Another said: "@MayaJama... how dare you use such vile language outside Buckingham Palace in regards to the death of #HRHPrincePhilip. You are vile."


A third managed to somehow make a connection between the video and the idea that Maya Jama hates Britain, writing: "So sick of 'Brit-hating'. If you hate Britain so much - LEAVE! It's not racist to say it, it's just blatantly obvious. @MayaJama bring example of the day. If you want it to 'kick off' why don't you sod off. Disrespectful child."

A spokesperson for the television presenter said: "It goes without saying that along with the rest of the country Maya was deeply saddened to hear Prince Philip had passed away.

"Her earlier video caught an off the cuff remark about the number of press outside Buckingham Palace and was in no way a reflection of her feelings on the matter.

"Understandably she is disappointed this has been taken out of context as no disrespect was ever intended."

So there we go, that's that drama dealt with. Now everyone please mind your bloody language outside the gates of the palace, or you'll be off to the tower to face the wrath of the twittersphere!