Man who brought uncle's corpse to post office to collect pension says he should 'win Oscar' if he's lying 4 months ago

Man who brought uncle's corpse to post office to collect pension says he should 'win Oscar' if he's lying

They claim they didn't know the man was dead

The man who brought his dead uncle into a post office to collect his pension says he should "win an Oscar" if he's lying about not being aware the man was dead.


Declan Haughney and a pal walked his uncle Peadar Doyle from his home on Pollerton Road in Carlow to Hosey’s Post Office to collect his pension.

They then claimed that they were not aware he was dead.

Haughney has also admitted that in hindsight he should have alerted someone to his uncle's wellbeing, revealing that he was not well in the days leading up to the incident.


On one occasion, he claims he found his uncle "under the bed."

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Haughney said: “Now in the last month he’s telling me he doesn’t feel well, he’s after deteriorating.

“He says Declan, ‘I don’t feel well’. I said to myself ‘I don’t feel well either’.

“He was on the ground off the bed. I said 'what’s wrong?', he said ‘I’m grand’.


“I went back in a few hours later and he was under the bed. I tried to coax him out from under the bed but no he wouldn’t."

The garda are now investigating the incident at the post office and are looking into whether anyone "failed to notify" the authorities of a dead body.

When Haughney went to collect his uncle's pension from Hosey's Post Office on Friday, he was told that Doyle needed to be present. So he went home, got his uncle off the ground and with the help of his friend Gareth Coakley, linked arms and 'walked' him to the post office.

Haughney insists he would never try and steal his uncle's pension, insisting that he didn't know he was dead.


“Reporters are not fools. You can see through people. You know what a liar is – of course you do,” he continued.

He added that if he was lying he must be a good actor, saying: “Well I tell you one thing, for what I told you I should win an Oscar.”

However he said that people in his town now believe the worst of him, saying: "In their eyes now, that's it."

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