Man turns up for rave outside Downing Street two weeks early 6 months ago

Man turns up for rave outside Downing Street two weeks early

Getting down on Downing Street

A man overly eager to join in all the parties at Downing Street has turned up to two weeks early to a rave that has been organised there in the aftermath of the Tory Christmas party scandal.


More than 450,000 have responded to a Facebook event inviting them to attend a Christmas Eve rave at 10 Downing Street, with a few hundred thousand more signalling their interest.


'Boris Johnson & chums' are listed as the headliners for the mock event (a disclaimer clearly states the rave is not a real event and is "all just for humour and poking fun at the powers that be").

A lone raver, dressed in a crown and a Hawaiian shirt, was spotted cutting shapes outside the gates on Thursday to the song, 'It's my party I'll cry if I want to'.

Footage of the raver was posted on TikTok via @landantaan and has delighted users.


"Love it," one user simply wrote.

A second added: "I love this man." "Legend", another commented.

In another recent development, someone DMed the Met Police to notify them of the rave, writing: "Hey Guys! Giving you a heads up on a relatively small rave happening on 24th Dec at 10 Downing St.


"Feel free to turn off your body cams and scanners and get absolutely t***ted with us (we won't grass on yer)."

The Met police allegedly replied: "We have already been made aware of this. Thank you."

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