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03rd Apr 2015

Man survives 66 days at sea with only raw fish to eat

This is an extraordinary example of human endurance...


This is an epic feat of survival.

A sailor who has been missing for 66 days has been rescued off the US east coast this week, the US Coast Guard has said.

Louis Jordan, 37, went missing over two months ago when his sailing boat capsized. A passing vessel saw Jordan sitting on the hull of his overturned craft and took him on board, 200 miles out to sea.

He was transported to hospital via a Coast Guard helicopter and is being treated for dehydration and an injured shoulder – amazingly walking into the hospital unaided.

It’s reported that he survived by eating raw fish and drinking pooled rainwater.

After seeing pretty much all hope fade weeks ago, his family are said to be “excited” for his return home.

The coast guard released this emotional recording of the first phone call between Mr Jordan and his father following his miraculous.

“”I was just praying about you because I was afraid you guys were crying and sad, that, you know, I was dead…and I wasn’t dead,” said Louis Jordan.

Jordan’s father responded, “I thought I lost you.”

Jeez. That’s a conversation we hope never to experience first hand.

h/t: WITN News