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18th Apr 2017

Man steals over 100 phones at Coachella and is ultimately caught by an app

That pesky technology

Niamh Maher

I guess he forgot about the ‘Find My Phone App’.

Irony can be a cruel taskmaster… one thief found this out the hard way after being caught red-handed with over 100 stolen cell phones at Coachella.

The man allegedly behind the crimes has been named by local news sources as New York native Reinaldo De Jesus Henao.

Several festival-goers noticed that their phones were missing and activated their “Find My iPhone” feature, which provides users with the GPS location of their phone.

Police then followed Henao though the venue and detained him. According to abc7 news, officers said they found a backpack with more than 100 phones in his possession.

Some have hailed the man a hero, for saving our timelines from thousands of FOMO snaps.