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30th Jan 2024

Man launches petition to move leap day from February 29 to June 31

Nina McLaughlin

“It’s literally a no-brainer.”

A man has launched a petition to move leap day from the end of February to the end of June.

Chris Snowdon first made the realisation last year that the reason for the leap day being in February was ‘arbitrary’.

Upon further reflection, he realised that everyone might enjoy that extra day that bit more if it happened in summer, rather than in dreary February.

“Every four years we all get an extra day of life thanks to the system of leap years,” the 47-year-old explained in his petition.

“But why have an extra day in February (cold, dark) when when could have an extra day in June (lovely summer)?

“I am calling on the British government to move February 29th to June 31st with immediate effect.

“As a friend said to me when I explained this idea, it’s literally a no-brainer.

“2024 is a leap year so we need to act quickly to instigate this progressive reform.

“Ideally the whole world – or, more realistically, the northern hemisphere – would switch at the same time, but the UK has the opportunity to take the lead.

“The United Nations will then have four years to get its ducks in a row,” the petition concludes.

“An extra day of summer, one less day of winter – what’s not to like?”

The Sussex native explained to Metro: “When we get to the 29th February, people say ‘oh great, another day in February.’

“It’s like you have to wait an extra day until March which is when you expect the weather to pick up. I realise changing the days won’t change the weather, but it’s a mental thing.

“I think it would improve public wellbeing in the Northern Hemisphere. I thought I’d start with the British Government if they can get the ball rolling.

“But ideally, we’d need every government in the world to agree.”

“An extra day of summer, one less day of winter – what’s not to like if you like summer? People will look back on this one day and think ‘why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?'”

Snowdon is realistic about his prospects, and does not think this will change before February 29 this year. However, he is hedging his bets for 2028, and hopes to achieve his aim by then.

If you agree with Snowdon’s view and want to contribute to the cause, you can sign his petition here.