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10th Aug 2022

Man has hand ‘chopped off’ outside working men’s club in attack like ‘a horror film’

Steve Hopkins

The incident was said to have happened over a £10 bag of cannabis

A woman has told how she saw a man’s severed hand on the floor after it was reportedly sliced off in an incident outside a working men’s club in Yorkshire that will give her “nightmares”.

The man is said to have his hand cut off after being attacked outside Deighton Working Men’s Club in Huddersfield on Tuesday night.

The witness said had her a “squeal” coming from the direction of the club, then the victim “running” inside.

The woman, said to be in her 50s, told Yorkshire Live: “A young man has had one of his hands chopped off and the hand is on the floor.”

She described the incident as “like something out of a horror film”.

“I heard him squealing in the smoking shelter and two boys in balaclavas chopped him up.

“I don’t normally get nightmares but I expect I will tonight. It was an awful squeal that got my attention. I saw him running into the pub and they locked the doors.”

The woman claimed the incident is the second time this year someone has lost a limb in the area. The second incident was in February.

The witness said someone at the scene picked up the severed hand and “wrapped it in blue kitchen towel to try to preserve it”.

She claimed the incident happened over a £10 bag of cannabis.

“I have lived here for 20-odd years and there will be reprisals. I hear he has lost his hand over a £10 bag of weed.

“I was here the last time a lad had his arm nearly sliced off.”

West Yorkshire Police confirmed an incident had taken place near a working men’s club in Deighton Road at 5.27pm and that a man had been “seriously injured”.

“Emergency services attended the scene and located the victim who had suffered leg injuries and a severe hand injury.

“It was reported he had been attacked outside the pub by two men who made off from the scene.”

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