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11th Apr 2024

Husband who ‘ghosted’ wife last year tracked down by internet sleuths within 24 hours

Simon Kelly

The power of the internet.

A man who allegedly ‘ghosted’ his pregnant wife and disappeared ‘without a trace’ last year has been tracked down by internet sleuths after just 24 hours.

Charles Withers, a British chef, became the subject of an online manhunt when a woman named Ashley McGuire, claiming to be his wife, posted on Facebook in a search for her allegedly estranged husband.

Ms McGuire claimed that she was ‘ghosted’ while pregnant by the 30-year-old chef, after leaving their Massachusetts home last year.

Posting on the ‘Are We Dating The Same Guy?’ Facebook group – which is used to protect women to “warn each other about dangers and inquire about partners” – Ms McGuire said, “I’m really about to test the power of Facebook with this one.

“Last year, when I was pregnant with our youngest baby, he decided being a husband and a dad wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted anymore and he ghosted, like gone without a trace.”

The child is now one year old and has allegedly never met their father.

Ms McGuire added that she was reaching out in order to “track him down to get his signature on a few papers so I can close this chapter and move on with my life.”

Husband who ‘ghosted’ wife last year tracked down by internet sleuths within 24 hours

The online appeal quickly went viral and the power of the internet took hold, with online sleuths tracking down Mr Withers within a a matter of hours.

The address and phone number of the chef was located and he is believed to be living in Texas – a 30-hour drive from Massachusetts – after also spending time working in Rhode Island.

It was believed that he was employed as a personal chef to Yellowstone creator Tayler Sheridan.

In an interview with local Boston radio station Jam N’94.5 after the viral post managed to track her husband down, Ms McGuire said: “My goal was not to disrupt his whole life. I just want to have this door closed and move on – I don’t want any ties. I don’t want any connections.

“I just want the next chapter of my life to start.”

Ms McGuire now plans to go ahead with a divorce, telling US entertainment website TMZ that since her plea had gone viral, Mr Withers had texted her and was willing to sit down and talk.

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