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01st Apr 2022

Woman left fuming because husband was ghosting texts while on lads weekend – tragically finds out he was dead

Charlie Herbert

He had gone to see a rugby game with mates

A woman has told the story of how she was getting annoyed at her husband for ghosting her messages whilst he was away with his mates, only to find out he had died in a tragic accident.

In a TikTok, Bonnie Caldwell, from New Zealand, said she was getting “s***y” because her husband was on a boy’s trip and wasn’t replying to her messages.

But she was later informed by his brother that he had tragically died.

The TikTok has been viewed 3.1m times and clocked up 276,000 likes.

@bonniec17 I mean he could have at least given me a heads up ? #darkhumour ♬ original sound – kooze

In a follow-up video she explained the whole story, and that she uses dark humour like in the initial TikTok as a coping mechanism.

She said: “My husband Matt went to a city a couple of hours away from where we live to watch a rugby game with some mates.

“I talked to him that night at midnight on the phone. It was really nice that we had that conversation, obviously I didn’t know what was about to happen.”

When she texted him the next morning she thought it was a “bit weird” when he didn’t reply, but assumed he was “just a bit hungover.”

She became more suspicious when “a couple of hours went by” and she still hadn’t received a reply.

But when Bonnie saw on Snapchat that Matt’s friends were still in the city after they should have checked out, she started to realise that “something was really wrong.”

She continued: “A couple more hours went by and I got a text from Matt’s brother to come to his house right now and I flew out the door.

“You kind of expect the worst, you don’t want to believe that they have died but your mind goes there straight away.

“It turned out there was police there and they informed us that Matt had passed away.”

@bonniec17Story time… your comments made me laugh so much! Thanks for understanding my humour ?♬ original sound – Bonnie Caldwell

In a “horrific accident” Matt had walked down an embankment near where they were staying to go to the toilet, but didn’t realise that “at the end of the bank it just dropped straight down and he misjudged it.”

Bonnie added that no one knows if he “tripped or just walked off the edge,” but that he must have been looking at his phone because it was “left face up still playing”

Bonnie and her late husband Matt in a photo taken before the tragic accident. She explained that she uses her ‘dark sense of humour’ as a coping mechanism, so Matt wouldn’t be offended by the TikTok (Instagram/@bigmattygram)

She said that this was eight months ago that the tragic accident had happened and that they are “all doing as well as we can be right now.”

But she added that Matt wouldn’t find her TikTok too harsh because she has a “dark sense of humour which is a really big coping mechanism for me.”

Hundreds took to the comments to send their condolences and well wishes to Bonnie and her family for their loss.

And one person even took Bonnie’s lead and injected their own dark humour into the situation.

“Sorry for your loss,” the follower wrote. “But I still can’t forgive him for ghosting you!”

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