Man found guilty of terrorist attack, read the report on page 10 of the Daily Mail 4 years ago

Man found guilty of terrorist attack, read the report on page 10 of the Daily Mail

And I wonder why?

A jury took less than an hour to convict Darren Osborne of a murderous terrorist attack outside a mosque in Finsbury Park, north London.


Osborne was "brainwashed" by anti-Muslim propaganda and drove a van into a crowd of Muslims, killing one and injuring 12.

The 48-year-old's guilty verdict has triggered a review of the national security threat posed by the extreme right.

Osborne’s rented van left a tyre mark on the upper torso of Makram Ali, 51, who was targeted, as he returned from prayers, because he was Muslim.


Ali died 100 yards from his home, some of his family witnessed the killing. Others were left with life-changing injuries.

The jury were told Osborne wanted to kill as many Muslims as possible in the premeditated attack in June 2017.

Commander Dean Haydon, head of Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism command, said that Osborne “self-radicalised” after developing a hatred for Muslims when he watched a BBC drama about the Rochdale child grooming scandal. He was a heavy consumer of internet propaganda from Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League and material from Britain First, another extremist hate group.

But you won't find any of that information on the first nine pages of today's Daily Mail.


The front page demands whether the higher funding provided to breast cancer treament compared to prostate cancer is "a case of bias against men."

Next up we've got an analysis of increasingly dry Venetian canals, followed by a report on "9 Albanians" trying to cross the channel in a dinghy. It has a text box detailing a "migrant gang war" in Calais. There's then a piece about "Illegal Islamic schools."

Other stories include proof that dog's can sense fear and "why it's so naff to call your husband a hubby."

The Mail's editors might have given the above items precedence because of their news value.


Or, it might be because the Finsbury Park terrorist was white and his victims were Muslim.

Who knows?