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05th Apr 2024

Man drank ‘warm urine’ after delivery driver accidentally switched cups


I would never trust anything ever again

A man has been left rather disgruntled after drinking ‘warm urine’ after his delivery driver got confused with the cups in their food order.

Caleb Woods from Utah ordered some chips and a milkshake from Chick-fil-A using the food delivery app GrubHub, according to Fox 59.

However, he was certainly in for a surprise when this meal arrived and what he assumed to be the milkshake was less than satisfactory.

“When I started eating my meal upon delivery, I put a straw in my cup that was delivered and took a sip,” Woods told the outlet.

“I soon discovered that the cup delivered to me from the GrubHub driver was a warm cup of urine.”

As you would expect, Woods immediately got in contact with his driver and called him back to his house. The interaction between the pair once the driver returned was caught on Woods’ home camera, and it was heated to say the least.

“Did you confuse the cups, cause, like, dude — it’s a half full of pee,” Woods said. “Do you realise this is pee?”

The driver explained that he had 2 cups in his car, and that he had got confused as to which one was filled with pee and which was the milkshake.

He explained that, due to the long hours of his work, he often struggles to take toilet breaks, and so has to use a styrofoam cup to relieve himself.

Woods complained to the food delivery service, but their response was less than ideal.

“I think it [the order] cost like 25 bucks. They refunded like $18, the actual cost of the food,” Woods said. “They didn’t refund the delivery fee or the tip that I gave.”

Grub Hub later issued a statement on the disgusting delivery.

“We took immediate action with the driver and ended his contract with us,” they said.

“We’re following up with the customer to apologise and are coaching the representative who was previously in touch with the customer.”

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