Majority of people now think Brexit will be "bad for the country" 3 years ago

Majority of people now think Brexit will be "bad for the country"

What hope people had for Brexit is quickly fading

New polling for Sky News has shown a shift in public opinion against leaving the European Union, as the government continues preparations for a "no deal" Brexit.


The survey of 1,466 Sky customers earlier in the month found that 65 percent of British voters now believe that the government will end up with a bad Brexit deal, an increase of 15 percent compared to similar polling from March.

More than half of those asked also said that they now support a second vote to choose between leaving with a deal, leaving without a deal or remaining in the European Union.

Asked if they felt the UK quitting the European Union would be "good or bad for the country overall", only 40 percent said it would be "good" with 51 percent saying it would "bad".

The result of the survey comes with less than eight months remaining before Britain is due to leave the EU and as the UK “accelerates" preparations for a potential "no deal" exit from the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.


Brexit secretary Dominic Raab refused to be drawn last week on whether the country was stockpiling food in the event of a "no deal" scenario, only to later issue a statement saying there would be "adequate food supply" if the UK left the European Union.

Health secretary Matt Hancock also said last week that he had met with medical industry leaders to hasten preparations for a "no deal" scenario.

The polling is not the first data that has found public opinion is turning against Brexit, a recent YouGov poll for The Times also showed that the British people are largely dissatisfied with Theresa May's handling of negotiations with the EU and are now in favour of a second vote.

However, five months ago the prime minister ruled out the possibility of a second Brexit referendum and with the Labour party also currently ruling out another "people's vote", unless there is a change of policy direction from either side, voters have no way to force another vote on the issue.