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11th Apr 2015

Lucky Croatian man gets his lost wallet back after 14 years…with more money in it

I bet the lucky devil won on the Grand National too...

Ben Kenyon

Losing your wallet at a party is never a good thing.

Your bank cards are gone, that condom you were saving all those years for that special someone is lost and you invariably have to sell your shoes and shirt for a taxi home.

But one Croatian man (who may or may not have suffered the indignities listed above) was amazed to see a wallet he lost 14 years ago posted back to his home.

I'm not even mad.

Not only that, but it actually had more money in it that when he first lost it.

Ivica Jerkovic (the owner of the long lost wallet) had the equivalent of $1,000 in it to fix his roof when he misplaced the wallet.

But when he got it back it had around $1,500 in.

Our editor Matt is now wondering if someone will post his lost Tamagotchi into the office wrapped in a £20 note.

Here’s hoping.

(H/T ABS-CBN News)