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Los Angeles declares state of emergency as wildfire blazes towards UCLA and Getty Centre
Over 150,000 people have now been ordered to evacuate their homes immediately

There is no sign of this disaster ending any time soon.

On Tuesday, it was reported that it was expected for there to be over 100,000 people to be evacuated within the state of Los Angeles due to a massive wildfire.

In the time since then, the situation has severely worsened, as the wildfire is said to have spread to an area twice the size of Manhattan in less than 24 hours.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has declared a state of emergency for the area, as over 150,000 people have now been ordered to evacuate their homes immediately.

The wildfire has already reached the Bel Air area, causing severe damage to several homes, and authorities are concerned that the wind direction will continue to push the blaze into higher populated areas, as well as LA landmarks such as the Getty Centre and UCLA.

Film and TV productions that were filming have also been put on hold, with CNN reporting that the second season of Westworld being one of the bigger productions that has been forced to pack up and leave the area until it declared safe to return.


Additionally, the LA Times are reporting that despite the efforts put into tackling the fire, it is still 0% contained, which means that it is predicted to continue to burn for at least the next few days.

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