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25th Sep 2020

Leeds, Cardiff and Swansea put into lockdown

If everywhere is under local lockdown does that mean it's a national one?

Oli Dugmore

London's picadilly cirucs during coronavirus lockdown

If everywhere is under local lockdown does that mean it’s a national one?

Leeds and Cardiff have become the latest cities to be placed under local lockdowns as coronavirus resurges across the UK.

Swansea and Llanelli are also locking down.

From midnight Friday, people living in the Leeds council area will not be allowed to mix households. It’s expected the measures already in place in Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees will be extended to Leeds.

Swansea and Cardiff’s local rules will come into force from 6pm Sunday and Llanelli’s from Saturday.

The regulations in Wales ban meeting with others indoors, although it is permitted outdoors, compulsory mask-wearing in shops if you are above the age of 11 and a ban on leaving the council or borough area without reasonable cause.

Leeds, Cardiff and Swansea join an illustrious list of local lockdowns that stretches the length of the UK. The city of Leicester has now been in lock down for more than three months.

When the measures come into effect in Wales, a total of eight of the country’s 22 local authorities will be in lockdown.

Tom Riordan, CEO of Leeds city council, said: “The rule of six and curfew are all exactly the same in Leeds.

“The additional factor is about no household mixing within your own home or garden.

“That’s the law. Outside, in pubs and restaurants, it’s the strong advice. There’s fines if you don’t do what the restriction says within your own home. But the guidance is that you shouldn’t mix with others in pubs and restaurants.

“If you have a social bubble, if you have childcare, if you have children in two separate households, if you’re having work done on your home, etc, there are exceptions.

“But the message is: you shouldn’t really mix with other households. The clarity of the bottom line is what we are trying to get to.”