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09th Nov 2023

Lawyer arrested after two eco-protestors blocking road are shot dead

A lawyer has been arrested after he shot dead two eco-protestors who were blocking the road.

Kenneth Darlington, who is retired, reportedly shot at the protestors in the middle of the day after being stuck in traffic when they blocked the road ahead in Panama.

Protestors have been popping up all over the country as a result controversial plans to keep the country’s largest open-pit copper mine open for another 20 years, even though it is in an area of environmental importance.

Campaigners have been targeting the Pan-American Highway in Chame for weeks, per LADbible.

However, in disturbing footage that has emerged on social media, Darlington is seen getting out of his car and walking up to the protestors.

The 77-year-old demands the group move from the road, before he whips out a handgun.

He then waved the weapon around and began to shift tyres blocking the road out of the way.

Witnesses claim bystanders asked Darlington: “Are you going to kill someone?”

To which he responded: “You want to be the first?”

He then opened fire, shooting two teachers dead.

Local reports state that the first victim was Abdiel Diaz.

Darlington also shot Ivan Rodriguez in the shoulder, who went to confront him before later passing away as a result of his injuries.

A third man who was injured in the attack is currently in hospital.

Darlington then dragged tree trunks out of the road, before police came and arrested him at the scene.

Videos online showed him in handcuffs with protestors sobbing by the road side.

“That ends that problem,” he is reported to have said as he was arrested.