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26th Aug 2023

Largest hunt for Loch Ness Monster in 50 years is underway

Joseph Loftus

It’s not going to be easy

The largest hunt in 50 years for the Loch Ness monster is underway just outside of Inverness, Scotland, where more than 200 so called hunters are searching for Nessie.

Despite the bleak weather conditions, these fairweathered searchers, are desperate to try and spot the legendary creature and prove once and for all that she is real.

But… they haven’t.

Paul Nixon, head of the Loch Ness Centre, said: “I’d love to get some answers this weekend.” Wouldn’t we all Paul!

Getty Images

Paul also insists that these hunters are not just “people with binoculars and a tub of sandwiches.” He says, instead, that they are genuine monster hunters equipped with advanced technology that has never been used in the search for Ness before.

There will also be drones flying over the lake using infrared cameras to find heated spots. And as if that wasn’t enough there’ll be underwater drones too.

If Ness is down there, we’ll know about her soon enough!

The story of the Loch Ness Monster has been a sensation for over 400 years.

Paul Nixon says that it’s “one of the greatest unsolved mysteries that exists. If we did find it, it would be a global sensation.”

The original story states that an irish saint drove the beast into the water in 565AD.

Between 1500 and 1800 there were around 21 alleged sightings but it was in the 1900s where viewings skyrocketed when a local worker reported seeing a “whale-like fish”.

The story was picked up by The inverness Courier who referred to the creature as a ‘monster’ and thus the term was born.

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