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24th Sep 2016

Jeremy Corbyn just won the Labour leadership election and everyone’s making the same joke

Will either man make it in the Number 10 role?

Ben Kenyon

Jeremy Corbyn has won his second Labour leadership contest in 12 months after beating Owen Smith by a significant margin.

The current Leader of The Opposition actually strengthened his mandate with a 61.8 per cent share of the vote, increasing his margin of victory since he swept to power in the 2015 leadership contest..

Despite open mutiny from the Parliamentary Labour Party, so-called ‘purges’ of his supporters from the ballot and what many of his supporters believe was a sustained campaign against him by the mainstream media, the left-wing politician has increased his grip on power as Labour leader.

The current leader  won 313,409 votes (61.8%) from members, registered supporters and union affiliates compared to 193,229 (38.2%) for his rival, Pontypridd MP Owen Smith.

It was higher than the 59% mandate he won during his shock victory in the 2015.

Corbyn and Smith shook hands following the bitter contest as the results, which many believed was already a foregone conclusion, were read out at a packed hall in Liverpool.

Corbyn said he was honoured to have won a majority among supporters to lead the Labour Party….

He also offered an olive branch to opposing factions in the Labour Party and said now the results were in the ‘slate would be wiped clean’.

Some will see this victory as a validation of Corbyn’s leadership and his more left-wing policies, which include rail renationalisation, ending tax avoidance, nuclear disarmament and the abolition of university tuition fees.

Others will see it as a death knell for Labour with two warring factions with seemingly irreconcilable differences.

But whichever side of the fence people were on, they couldn’t help making the same joke…

The red half of Manchester seemed chuffed with the news anyway…

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